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Improving the lives of greyhounds, lurchers & mixed hounds one dog at a time

The Greyhound Friends Educational Outreach Program brings a team of trained presenters and dogs to elementary schools, libraries, and other community locations to teach children and families about greyhounds. The program’s core message stresses kindness to animals and the value of involvement in one’s community, while educating students about the unique history and characteristics of the greyhound breed. We do not charge a fee to bring the Outreach Program to your school or group.

We are experienced in presenting to children, and our team members particularly enjoy interacting with young people. Our canine ambassadors, handpicked for the program, are extremely gentle, patient and affectionate with children. Please click here for more information about our outreach team members.

The Outreach Program's main objectives are to educate, inform, and involve young people. Extending the core message beyond the team’s school visit and presentation, we offer participants an opportunity to "virtually adopt" one of our shelter dogs,
Some feedback about our programs

* We are so grateful for your recent visit to our program. The visit from you and the greyhounds has generated a ton of discussion and conversation around here. It was clearly a very educational and enriching experience for both the kids and staff alike! The kids have been doing a coin drive to help raise money for Greyhound Friends, and we'll be winding that down this week. I will send you a check as soon as we collect it all in! 

Hope all is well with you, and thanks again for such a great educational program you brought to us!
Donna Marohn, 
Ward After-School

* I am so grateful to the Greyhound Friends organization for providing such a great
program for our group. The presentation was educational, interesting, and age appropriate. Each of the dogs’ handlers was very knowledgeable and ready to answer our kids’ questions.

I was particularly impressed with the five beautiful greyhounds. Throughout the
presentation, and the following meet-and-greet session with approximately thirty-five children, the dogs remained remarkably friendly and calm. Considering what a tough early life these dogs led, I could not get over their truly gentle demeanor.

These beautiful animals and their kind humans provided an unforgettable experience for our group.
Jen Callahan, 
Mason-Rice After School Program

The Outreach Dogs from Greyhound Friends were fantastic. Our kids from youngest to oldest fell in love with the dogs. Our kids fell in love with their gentle nature and quiet grace. The information provided about the history of the breed was fascinating. A big thank you to Stoddard and friends for making this presentation possible. 
Beth Shahakian, 

* We so appreciated your visit yesterday. The kids and staff all learned a lot about greyhounds. Such beautiful creatures. Thanks to you and your staff/volunteers for sharing your dogs with us. It is important work that you do.. Hope to see you again soon.
Kathy Lynnes, 
Pierce School, Newton

* I heard about Greyhound Friends from a colleague at another school in Newton. She was so enthusiastic about the Greyhound Friends Outreach Program, that I immediately contacted Stoddard to arrange a visit. The Highlands After-School Program is an after-school program for middle school-aged children. As part of our monthly efforts to involve the children in community service projects, the Greyhound Outreach seemed like a perfect fit.

On a cold January day, the Greyhound Friends group came to our program. The outreach involved 6 dogs with their owners. The dogs majestically

joined our group of 33 children sitting in a circle. The outreach owners talked of their personal experience with their dogs, how greyhounds fit into world history and the problems facing these dogs today. 

The kids were so taken with the visiting dogs and their stories. We were inspired to make the next community service project a Greyhound Fundraiser. 

The next day we posted a donation list and began collecting both material and money, with a goal of delivering our items to the shelter in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.
One of the boys in our group was so moved by the visit that he asked his mom to take him to the shelter. They did this and shortly after adopted a beautiful dog. He wrote his story in our newsletter. Another boy in the program suggested a community service project for his synagogue and they also collected items for Greyhound Friends. I contacted colleagues in Brookline and told them about the wonderful experience we had with Greyhound Friends and encouraged them to invite the group to visit. Not only did this presentation inspire our children, but clearly the outreach has gone well beyond our center.

In March, when six children and I drove to Hopkinton to deliver our goods and a collection of cash we saw many beautiful rescued dogs and hoped that they will find good homes. The children had the chance to see the kennel and the surrounding land. I know that they will continue to share the story of the greyhounds to friends and family. The Greyhound Friends Outreach was a real highlight in our school year, teaching us about the need for dog adoption.
Highlands After School Program

* It is with great honor that I write this letter of endorsement of the Greyhound Friends Educational Outreach Program. Recently Stoddard Melhado and two greyhound friends visited our after school program, Countryside Children’s Center, located in Newton, Mass.

What an amazing teaching moment it was! We all learned so much about caring for our animal friends. Over 80 students sat silently, enthralled by the history of the greyhounds and concerned about their racing lives. Learning about the care and understanding that goes into being a dog owner was very informational to our children. 

The response of the children to the dogs was very endearing. Everyone had questions. And every, single question was answered calmly and in language that all children can appreciate. Bravo to Stoddard Melhado and the Greyhound Friends Educational Program. We will definitely invite them out to our after school every year!
Joan Tanner, Executive Director, Countryside Children’s Center, Newton
​if they wish to do so. This community service effort helps support our rescue work, while it engages children in meaningful, rewarding activity to help a specific animal with an individual story.

The outreach program was created by educators who also serve as volunteers for Greyhound Friends. The content is age-appropriate, with materials and presentations specially tailored for each audience. Please click here to read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the program.

We would be pleased to work with you and your school, library or group in bringing the Outreach Program to you. To schedule a visit or for more information, please contact the program coordinator at: